The Cite Black Author team receives various questions from authors, collaborators, media, and higher education institutions. Please see our frequently asked questions here. If you do not see the answer to your question here, please visit our Contact Us page to reach out to the team.

How To Use This Database

We maintain a resources section that includes paper calls, journals with majority BIPOC editors, groups to follow, and more. We will be adding additional resources that focus on mentorship and further amplifying Black scholars soon. Please also check out the expert listing in our database to further connect with scholars.

We would LOVE to publish guest blog posts from Black scholars on our site! Posts usually focus on Black themes within any academic or research field. You could highlight a recent study, deconstruct higher education models that truly practice equity and inclusion, or any number of topics that our visitors might be interested in. We may also re-post an article you have written on your personal website with a link to the original post. Blog posts may be featured in newsletters or via social media.

To submit a blog post, please email Jennifer Sadler, Project Lead, at connect@jesadler.com with the subject line: CBA Blog Post Submission. Be sure to include the following:

  • Title of your post
  • Full blog post or 300-500 word abstract
  • Short Author Bio, Photo, and Field of Study (if applicable)
  • Any additional photos or other media you would like included in the post.

Please allow 48-72hrs for a receipt of submission. Two members of our team will review the article and decide if it would be applicable to the mission and vision of Cite Black Authors.

The Cite Black Author database is meant to amplify Black scholarly work, and to do that effectively we encourage everyone to search through the citations listed for topics that best align with your research. Including authors in your work allows for them to be recognized in their academic field and aides in securing tenure, promotion and other academic positions that rely heavily on publications and citations. You may also find Black scholars to collaborate with on research projects, invite to your campus for guest lectures, or utilize their research in teaching exercises. Each of these actions will not only add to their scholarship and service, but it will also expand the depth of content that you bring to your work.

Any Black scholar engaged in academic work is welcome to be a part of this database. For scholarly work, we are focused on the pieces that carry the most capital on an academic Curriculum Vitae: peer-reviewed articles, books, case studies, or conference proceedings. Most commonly, these items will be associated with a DOI or PMID number. Non-peer reviewed conference abstracts are excluded (they are just too numerous and do not carry CV weight). We will accept self-submissions of other kinds of non-peer-reviewed work that lack a DOI number on a case-by-case basis, such as those in the creative arts fields. Please see our Submission Requirements page for more information.

You can visit The Database page on the website and their contact information should be listed under the “Expert Listings” section. Most scholars should have some form of contact information (google scholar, professional website, email, etc.) listed, but if not, feel free to contact one of our team members and we will reach out to that scholar to ask for permission to share their contact details with you

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