What happens after a Black scholar is nominated?

We will contact the nominated scholar to invite them to be included in the database. We will not presume their racial identity when we contact them. If we do not hear from the scholar after the initial contact, we will try one more time. What happens next is up to them. If the scholar chooses to be included in the database, they will need to fill out a form indicating their consent. In this form, they may include their CV or a link to a professional website containing all of their publications. If the scholar does not supply their own publication list, we will use web resources to identify their peer reviewed scholarly work to the best of our abilities. After receiving consent and identifying their publications, we will manually enter these publications into the database. From start to finish, depending on the number of publications authored by the scholar, this may take several weeks. Scholars that opt in to our mailing list will receive periodic updates about the database. Any scholar is invited at any time to let us know about new publications, new areas of expertise, or changes to professional affiliations and titles.