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Nomination and Vetting of Scholars

We vet scholars and scholarly work as described in our Submission Requirements page. We do not edit entries, but we may reach out to gain additional information that is not clear via the information gathered, such as abstracts or keywords. Our vetting process ensures that those listed will have their work amplified towards the goal of tenure or other professional goals.

We will contact the nominated scholar to invite them to be included in the database. We will not presume their racial identity when we contact them. If we do not hear from the scholar after the initial contact, we will try one more time. What happens next is up to them. If the scholar chooses to be included in the database, they will need to fill out a form indicating their consent. In this form, they may include their CV or a link to a professional website containing all of their publications. If the scholar does not supply their own publication list, we will use web resources to identify their peer reviewed scholarly work to the best of our abilities. After receiving consent and identifying their publications, we will manually enter these publications into the database. From start to finish, depending on the number of publications authored by the scholar, this may take several weeks. Scholars that opt in to our mailing list will receive periodic updates about the database. Any scholar is invited at any time to let us know about new publications, new areas of expertise, or changes to professional affiliations and titles.

You can nominate someone through the forms available on the Submission Page (fill out the form and it will close once you have indicated that you are submitted for someone else). They will not know who nominated them, and we will not presume the scholar’s racial identity when we contact them.

ABSOLUTELY! Please nominate yourself via our Submissions Page.

Every author is contacted prior to inclusion in the database. No person is included in this database without their explicit, written permission.

Black authors may be self-nominated, or be nominated by friends, colleagues, or an unconnected member of their field. We acknowledge that misidentification could occur, and we are very concerned about this risk. Our process is focused on self-identification. All authors are contacted prior to database inclusion, and we do not assume racial identity when we contact the author. In the unlikely circumstance that a concern arises regarding the identity of a scholar included in this database, the case will be reviewed by a minimum of two members of our founding board. If appropriate, the author will be directly contacted for discussion. We believe this scenario is unlikely, but we want to be transparent about how we will handle this should a concern arise.

Scholars are individuals that are engaged in academic work, and they are most typically working toward or have already achieved a professional degree (e.g., MS, PhD, MD, DO). The professional title is not important; trainees are welcome.

As of now, our policy is that you need to at least have a citation or be cited in some capacity to also be listed as an expert. Your peer-reviewed publications serve as the validation of your expertise.

Yes, you can! We welcome and encourage the submission of work from diverse research fields. In fact, it is our hope that our database would accurately represent the varied backgrounds of black scholars within the academic community. If you have questions regarding the submission requirements for any of your work, please visit our Submission Requirements page.

No, there is no fee to submit any of your publications. This site is a completely free database created to highlight the achievements and works of black scholars, and as such is a resource available at no cost to you. If you wish to submit any of your work, simply fill out the form on our Submissions page.

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