Tiara Cash Tiara Cash

Tiara A Cash

Tiara A Cash is a sport and social psychology scholar with a deep focus on mindfulness and resilience. She
holds a Bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University, a Master’s Degree from Western Illinois
University, and is currently a graduate student at Simon Fraser University where she researches the
intersections of transitions, pro-social behaviors, and well-being outcomes. In addition to this scholarly
work, Tiara owns Crowned Vitta LLC an organization focused on mindfulness, meta-awareness, and
meaning where she conducts presentations, workshops, and consultations through an emerging
framework: Equitable Mindfulness. Her career interests include working with underrepresented and
underserved populations, resilience training, and research on life transitions.


Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/tiaraacash/


Areas of Expertise Include Mindfulness, Equitable Mindfulness, Contemplative Practices, Resilience, Athletic Retirement, Sport and Exercise Psychology
Simon Fraser University ~ Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada