My Black is Beautiful: A practice of personal epistemology through Mindfulness

“For as long as I am Black, I am historic. I do not need a month; I exist for a lifetime.” – Unknown

The definition of “being Black” is radically changing at every moment of our existence. Black folx have been given instructions of how to be from society, and are constantly moving through long standing systemic and epigenetic oppressions as we heal into our truth. Sometimes it’s just important to remember that being Black is magical, divine, and universal – as said in this month’s meditation post by Crowned Vitta LLC.

As we end the month of celebrating our history, let us also remind ourselves of how favored we are to be clothed in such resilient, Black beautiful skin. Check out the 5 minute meditation and feel free to share with anyone who might need a short reminder of their own.

My Black is Beautiful.

Take a minute to remind yourself of who you are, a Black woman or man who is full of eternal magic, by letting these words become your words…

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